"A one of a kind Private Development Island" 


This exotic Island with marvelous coral surrounds, pristine waters, lush foliage, stunning & picturesque views of the maya mountains is located just 3/4 of a mile out front in the Caribbean Sea of the 16-Mile Placencia peninsula in Southern Belize, Stann Creek District. 

False Caye is an exclusive private vacant island currently for sale and includes a resorts/residential high-end lifestyle community development plan with sprawling villas of three types. This very high quality plan was approved by the Belize Government's Department of Environment (DOE) back in 2008. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted with a signed off Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). Plan can be updated if buyer chooses to go with approved plan. Over $500,000 US of planning, engineering & architectural works, government clearances etc. has been invested into this extensive plan. False Caye Planned Project is designed by the world-renowned OBMI Architecture Firm in Miami, Florida USA

As one may be aware, planning of this nature can  be expensive, time consuming with Government Regulations and also delays depending on issues. So, for an experienced  buyer / developer, this Island and approved project can be a winner here in Belize.

The False Caye Resort and Residential Development Project is designed to accommodate a total of 950 persons: This is to include 874 patrons and 76 employees. 

Key Assets:-

  • Location: Only 3/4 mile from mainland Maya Beach (5 minutes boat ride) on Peninsula
  • Utilities :  Approved electrical and water to Island 
  • Size:          60 Acres for development 
  • Surrounding Corals: Prime for snorkeling, kayaking, fishing. Know lobster site
  • Views:       Stunning sunrises and sunsets over the Maya Mountains from Island


Construction of:-

  • (2) Luxury Hotels Complexes with a maximum capacity of 276 guests
  • (53) Residential Villas with a maximum capacity of 386 guests
  • (6) Special Lots with a maximum capacity of 48 guests
  • (1) special estate with a combined total of 2 keys

Infrastructural & Ancillary Services:

  • Pools
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational Beach on the eastern side of the Caye
  • Helipad
  • Sports Field
  • Swim Docks/Floating Platforms
  • Boardwalks, footpaths & roadways
  • Retaining Wall for Dredge Material
  • Spa

Utility Infrastructure:

  • Installation of a Sewage Waste Package Treatment Plant
  • Installation of diesel generator
  • Installation of Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks (2,500 gls) with containment area
  • Solid Waste Collection/Transition Site
  • Installation of an Earthtub or similar for composting
  • Installation of Water Treatment and Storage Facilities
  • Electrical/Water/Sewer distribution

Dredging of:

  • Approximately 350,863 cubic meters of material for use as fill.
  • Internal Lagoon and Waterways

Installation of :

  • Submarine pipe network to transport potable water from mainland to False Caye Development
  • Submarine cable network for transmission of power from national electrical grid on mainland to False Caye.


* 60 ACRES  | PRICE:   $12,000,000 USD 

Last Certified Valuation January 2011 - $13,140,000 US





Architecture by OBMI Coral Gabals, FL USA.

More than just a Private Island.


- False Caye is more than just a tropical private Island – it's a private 60 Acres jewel just 3/4 of a mile off the Placencia Peninsula's beach community of Maya Beach, and any good neighborhood comes with amenities for the locals. When we planned this Island development, we handpicked these fine establishments to join our community.


                                       MAYA BEACH HOTEL & BISTRO

                                       MAYA BEACH HOTEL & BISTRO

Maya Beach


Obviously one of the best Restaurants/Bars on the Plancencia Peninsula and for sure the best in Maya Beach. "Tops for sure". Bistro  has won and Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator each year since 2013. Wine Spectator editors announced the 2016 Restaurant Award Winners and once again the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro was a winner (and the only restaurant in Belize to date to ever receive this award). So, make sure of that stop in day or night to dine on this beachfront!





Placencia Village

D'Tatch restaurant

A cool chill spot located on the beautiful beaches of Placencia Village. Owned and operated by locals, the cuisine is wonderful and the view speaks for itself. "A must stop in" location. Located right in the middle of the village off the main beach sidewalk. 


Placencia Village 1-Acre Island

little harvest caye

A small enchanting, elegant private island 1-mile south of Placencia Village. Another cool little place near the village.

Seine Bight Village

Roots on the beach "Garinagu community"

Seine Bight is a small village with a population of around 1,200. It is located approximately 3 miles north of Placencia Village. Originally from the West Africa area, the people are very friendly and enjoy the beats of the drums and their "punta dance "which will make you drop a few pounds real quickly..... "that's if you can stop to the beat of the African drones". Most can't swing it! Come on down and enjoy something different in your life....... "The Peninsula is truly a special place!

Living it up in Placencia.


At Yearwood Properties, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we chose Placencia Peninsula for our location.


Placencia Beach Shot 14.jpg

Placencia Village




              Bordering Mexico To The North & Guatemala To The West & South                                        ( Placencia Peninsula - Red Arrow Above )

              Bordering Mexico To The North & Guatemala To The West & South

                                      (Placencia Peninsula - Red Arrow Above)


PLACENCIA IS Only a 3 hour drive from BELIZE CITY ...

"One can either drive or take one of the two local airlines - Maya Island Air or Tropic Air. It is only a scenic 35 minutes flight along the southern coastline"