The country of Belize, formerly British Honduras, is located in Central America on the Western Caribbean. Population around 380,000. Belize gained its independence from Britain in September 1981. English is the official language in as much as a large segment of the population is multi-lingual and certain ethnic groups seek their own language. There are daily and weekly flights from Belize City from Dallas, Houston, Miami, California, New Jersey etc etc.

In terms of its location, Belize is bordered by Mexico to the North, by Guatemala to the South and West and by the Caribbean Sea to the East. The entire country, which is approximately the size of the state of Massachusetts, measures approximately 8,900 square miles including about 400 Islands and the second largest living barrier reef in the world. Second only to Australia. Amazing Sea life! All of the more important tourist resorts have been developed on one or more of these islands, also referred to in Belize as "Cayes".

The country boasts of a subtropical climate. The seasons most prominent are the dry and rainy seasons. Annual rainfall ranges from 60" in the North to 200" in the South Toledo District.

The form of Government adopted, after Belize's independence from Britain, is a "Parliamentary Democracy". The Government is governed by a Prime Minster, who is the leader of the ruling party. His term in office is generally 5 years unless the party is reelected in which case he can sere many more terms. The Queen of England is considered Head of State and is represented in country by an appointed Governor General. The head of the Government, Leader of the United Democratic Party (at present Dec 2017) and Prime Minister is the Right Honorable Dean O. Barrow. Belize has no history of coups or violence.

The economy is principally driven by exports and a very vibrant tourist trade. The country's principal exports are cane sugar, citrus concentrate, marine products, bananas, molasses, clothing and crude oil. Belize's principal trading partner, both as supplier and importer is the United States of America (USA).

Belize is perhaps the most sparsely populated country in Central America. A significant portion of its population resides in the rural areas. Belize Cit, the former capital, is the most populated city and is the principal commercial can Government offices center in the country.

The inhabitants of Belize can be considered multi-cultural whereas the first inhabitants were the Mayas, shoes civilization spread into the area between 1500 B.C. and 300 A.D. Several Mayan ruins excavated over hundreds of years bear witness to the Maya's presence. European contra of the country did not begin until 1502 when Christopher Columbus sailed along the coast. The first recorded settlement was established by shipwrecked English seaman in 1638. Great Britain did not send an official representative to the area until almost  200 years later when Belize was termed, "The Colony of British Honduras" in 1840. The country became a crown colony in 1862. The official name was changed to Belize in 1973 eight years before it was granted independence on September 21, 1981.

Today, the country stands on its own. There are approximately 220 US companies doing business i Belize. Tourism attracts the most foreign direct investments today in as much as significant foreign investment is also found in agriculture. Because of its significance to the economy, the Government has designated Tourism as one of its major development priorities. This industry stands out because of a combination of natural factors among which are: climate, the largest living barrier reef in the Western hemisphere, hundreds of islands (Cayes), excellent fishing, snorkeling, diving, safe water boating protected by the reef, jungle wildlife and the Mayan Ruins etc. etc. 

Belize's relationship with the United States can be considered close and cordial and as previously mentioned, the US is the largest trading partner, a major source of investment and one of the largest providers of economic assistance. The US is home to the largest Belizean community outside Belize. 

Providing air services to gateways in Dallas, Houston, Miami, Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta Georgia, El Salvador are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Air, Delta, TACA, Westjet, South West Airline, Air Canada. 

Overnight tourism is constantly on the rise and up 16% as well as cruise lines such as Norwegian and Carnival. Belize is becoming well known around the world for all spoken as well as its wonderful people....... "An ideal location for a good investment" .

Some of the major reasons:-

  • The currency is very stable $1USD  = $2BZD "fixed rate"
  • The only English speaking country in Central America "official language"
  • British Common Law System
  • Superb Climate year around
  • No history of political violance
  • Stable Economy
  • 2nd largest living reef in the world. Second only to Australia
  • World Class fishing, diving, snorkeling
  • Superb sailing waters down south near Placencia
  • Exotic tropical rainforest 
  • Low cost of living if moving to Belize
  • Generous retirement programs such as Qualified Retirement Persons (QRP)
  • Close proximity to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras via land and sea
  • Mayan Ruins
  • 6 Districts completely different than the other
  • Many ethnic groups - Creole, Maya, Spanish, Garinagu, Mestizos, German-speaking Mennonites


This 16 mile beach peninsula in Southern Belize has become one of the country's main tourist attractions. It offers the Caribbean beach on the seaside and the Placencia Lagoon on its West side. It has a wonderful mixture of people. This prime peninsula has 2 Villages know as Placencia at its very southern tip and Seine Bight 3 miles north of Placencia Village. Other main areas as one continues north from Seine Bight Village are Surfside, Coco Plum Gated Community, Maya Beach, Plantation and Riversdale at its very Northern tip. 

All are quite interesting places with different cultures and backgrounds. On the beachside speaks for itself when coming to sunrises and the rear main lagoon offers just stunning sunsets with the Maya Mountains looking down at you. Most of the action is in Placencia Village at the Placencia Village and Seine Bight Village at the Southern tip area of the peninsula. Ideal places to just walk around and have a great time. The people are very friendly and love to have a good time! They are very welcoming to foreigners living in the area are just passing though on vacation. Lots of small shops and restaurants to hang out whether on the main road, lagoon front or the beach.

The peninsula is a 3 hour drive from Belize City located in the middle of the country and 2 hours drive from the capital of Belmopan through the mountains of the Hummingbird Highway. The good thing in Belize is that you can drive almost anywhere within 3 hours except if you are driving from Placencia to the Mexican border near Chetumal. There are also hourly flights down to Placencia from the Belize Int'l Airport or the city's municipal airstrip. Takes one about 35 minutes to get down to Placencia. 

Placencia is also an ideal location for taking short trips to the near by Cockscomb Mountains, Monkey River, Laughing Bird Cayes and other beautiful Islands and the Mayan Ruins. ........."It is truly a wonderful paradise which awaits you".